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Are you looking for an interesting investment opportunity?  Then it is worth considering the services of ALODIO: a specialist in the field of indirect investing in the German property market, particularly real estate in the eastern part of the country.

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7% Interest bonds

ALODIO finances its real estate portfolio primarily through equity and bank loans. Additionally ALODIO offers private investors the opportunity to participate indirectly through bonds at an attractive fixed interest rate…  READ MORE


Core activities of ALODIO, based in Chemnitz, are the acquisition, management and rental of high quality housing in large cities in the eastern part of Germany.  Investing in property is generally a relatively safe and profitable way of investing… READ MORE

The market

When it comes to investing in real estate (direct or indirect) the location is obviously very important.  A particularly interesting market nowadays is the German property market.  Unlike other European countries, property prices in Germany …..  READ MORE

Please contact us if you are looking for a prudent investment return with a high interest rate and we can provide you with a tailor made proposal.  Security by way of a first charge on a property is possible, if desired. Our real estate portfolio in Germany is strong and growing steady.  We regularly uncover beautiful properties in eastern Germany which we also would like to include in our portfolio. Partly because of your investments in the form of bonds, we can realise these purchases, and enjoy a joint profit from the target returns.

The result of investing via ALODIO is a shared and dependable mutual benefit for both our company and for investors who receive little or no interest in a savings account at the moment.

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vinkjeGuaranteed 7% interest per year

vinkjeResponsible investment

vinkjeMortgage individual guarantee possible

vinkje3-5 years maturity (optional fixed term of your choice)

vinkjeMonthly repayments

vinkje We are experts with years of experience


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